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When it comes to buying personal accessories, the one thing that we all must consider investing in is good quality and long-lasting phone case, precisely a wooden phone case. 

Real wooden phone cases are excellent earth-saving products that not only protect our smartphones from damage and add to their looks and personality but are also extremely gentle on the environment.

Since wooden phone cases made from natural biodegradable resources, they do not harm mother earth. They are excellent and unique reusable alternatives to plastic products that are quickly destroying our world.

At MyGreenMum, you can find some of the most attractive, premium-quality wooden cell phone cases that are 100% handcrafted to perfection with a high-quality temperament. 

MyGreenMum provides a vast range of high-quality handmade wooden cell phone cases that are attractive and pleasing.

What makes our eco-friendly phone cases the best in the market is its superior wood (bamboo) material that is smooth to the touch and great to look. What’s more, our natural wood phone cases come in a variety of elegant and unique designs that catch the eye.

So whether you are looking for new wooden phone cases with a minimalist look or a custom wooden phone case to complement your taste and style, our iPhone 11 phone wooden cases and wooden phone case note eight will more than deliver! 

Depending on your preferences, you can even go in for a custom design and personalize it even further by having your name engraved on your wooden phone case note 8! 

All our personalized wooden phone cases are distinct in their construction and have a specific wood grain, which makes them one-of-a-kind products. 

They are ideal not just for your personal use but also for gifting to your friends and family members on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, etc.


We offer a wide range of wooden cell phone covers to match your different moods. 

Take, for example, our 2018 New Huawei Honor 10 Case Slim Wood Back Cover, which is available in as many as nine different prints. 

You can customize our Personalized Custom Text Name Monogram Initials Hard Wood Phone Case in rosewood and cherry wood with your name or initials.

The World Map Lion King Compass Custom Wood Phone Case For iPhone 11 Pro is another bestseller. 

Count on finding the right wooden cell phone cases for all your needs, right here at mygreenmum.com! 

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