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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living 2021

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“Green is my sword to fight for a better living, make it yours too,”

~Saalumarada Thimmakka


Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable living

Do you also want to live a sustainable lifestyle and make the world a better place to live? But not sure how? Don’t worry. You’ve reached the right place.

Sustainable living is all about making choices that will improve your health, health of the community, and health of the planet.

Check out our Simple Easy Actionable steps, which you can start performing today and make our planet healthier again!

1. Educate

First, we must educate ourselves about all the alarming Environmental issues, and identify how our actions and habits affect the environment. Information and knowledge about problems help us check and question the elected officials about their work towards the Sustainable world. It also helps us to understand and addresses the health issues we face on a day to day basis.


2. Conserve Energy

Energy Conservation is one of the essential steps to reduce your carbon footprint related to Fossil Fuels that harm the environment.

Hence we must get ourselves aware of it, below are a few things which I started doing and

get benefitted

bulb image which shows saving energy is very important


a) Switch off

Three years back, I was irresponsible and never used to switch off the lights before going out and leaving all my electricals on stand by which needlessly uses up energy. At the end of the month, I had to pay substantial electric bills, which undoubtedly hampered my other expenses. I became aware of it and made a small change in my habit of switching off the lights, which even today satisfies me and gives me the feeling that I am doing my bit of saving energy and also “MY MONEY.”

b)Use led bulbs

I also came across a few other ways of saving energy in my house, and one of them was using LED Bulbs, Not only is it efficient but also lasts longer than a conventional bulb.


image of LED BULB

It uses less power and is available in a wide range of brightness, giving less stress to our eyes. It is also available in different designs to tailor the lighting to the needs or suit the room.

c) Microwave

I was shocked when I compared the energy usage of the microwave over an electric oven. It only consumes 1200 watts for 30 minutes, whereas an electric oven draws around 2500 to 3000 watts for the same time. I recommend you to immediately replace your electric stove and get a modern microwave to save your lot of energy and money.

simple graph showing Energy Efficient Cooking Appliances comparison Graph

You may also get surprised by the remarkable features of the microwave, which gives you the wings to cook different dishes.” Don’t forget me to invite



My jaws dropped when I came across the fact that “FRESHWATER” constitutes only 2.5 percent of the water on earth, and surprisingly only 1 percent is accessible because the rest trapped in the glaciers and ice.

water conservation is important therefore never leave the tap open or faucet


And Just calculate, only 1 percent of water is supporting our entire family of 7.8 billion. Every day our family is increasing means our upcoming generation will suffer or will not get water.

I got very disturbed and started valuing every single drop of water.

a)Take shorter showers

An Average family uses some 40 gallons of water per day in the shower which amounts to

14,600 gallons of water from a single-family each year and if you take united states alone 1.2 trillion gallons of water used per year

b)Turn off the faucet.

Turn the water off while washing your hands and brushing teeth. Run the dishwasher and washing machine if they are full, This small action will save you a lot of water and help you reduce both your water and energy consumption which will save you a big on your energy and water bill.

image of turning off the faucet

Also, don’t forget to replace the faucet and shower heads with low flow models. if you can afford it

Springing for newer models is more efficient and will help you cut down on both water and power.

c)Fix water leaks

Even small leaks can create significant waste. It is estimated that household leaks nationwide squander more than 1 trillion gallons of water.

d)Install water sense

Installing water sense labelled faucet aerators and showerheads, the average family can save nearly 410 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.


4. Stop the use of plastic.

Plastics are everywhere, and it has found its way into every single aspect of our lives, and above.

It takes around 400 years to biodegrade, harming humans, animals, and plants through its toxic pollutants.

Plastic pollution at the side of an ocean

But wait, giving it up isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Start with a simple step. Replace single-use plastic items in your home with reusable versions, bring a canvas bag with you when you go shopping, avoid buying bottled water.

5. Recycle Items

Recycling is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the world as it helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and the need for raw materials so that the rainforest can be preserved.

image of a green box used for recycling purposes

You will be amazed to know that you can recycle almost everything, from paper to batteries to cars.

Before throwing away anything take a minute and think and find out if you could recycle it instead


6. Plant trees

I knew from my school days planting trees is essential for our environment but never taken seriously till one lady named “Saalumarada Thimmakka” from Karnataka ( India) inspired me deeply. She grew 385 banyan trees along a four-kilometer stretch of highway between Hulikal and Kudur.

She is a well-known environmentalist in south India who inspired thousands of people.

About planting trees and she is the reason I started planting.

Trees are significant as they maintain ecological sustainability. They can restore a degraded ecosystem, produce food and medicine, and provide environmental and economic benefits.

7. Grow your own

Growing your food in your backyard is a simple and effective way to reduce your impact on the environment and a perfect example of sustainable living.

image of vegetable in the backyard of your home

It gives you the pleasure and experience that comes from growing your food. Also, you will enjoy the taste of Pesticide-free and fresh food.

It is also a great way to cut down your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly.


8. Buy local and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Stop going to those fancy grocery stores and supermarkets and pick up plastic wrap vegetables and fruits. Instead, shop locally as those of supermarkets consume vast amounts of fossil fuels during transportation.

image of a local vegetable store where you can buy local vegetable at a cheap cost

Purchasing from local vendors not only keeps you healthy but hand in hand, you are supporting them financially. Both of you win.

9. Become Vegan

The new study suggests that eating a vegan diet could be the “SINGLE BEST WAY” to reduce your

Environmental impact on the earth

Researchers at Oxford University found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food up to 73 percent


image of vegetables like tomato ,cauliflower etc in a plate

It would also free up the wildland lost to agriculture, one of the primary causes of wildlife extinction.

10. Don’t waste food

We all know how precious and essential our food is. Each year one-third of the total food produced around 1.3 billion tonnes wasted. It is not just a waste of the world’s natural resources but a massive part of the world’s carbon footprint around 8-10 % of global emissions.

World hunger is on the rise, yet nearly 700 million are obese. Instead of wasting, we must donate the food to the needy ones and NGOs like “no food waste. ”

image of hungry poor women


11. Compost 

If you have read this so far, you must be knowing about “Compost” in case you don’t, it is organic material such as leaves, shredded twigs, and kitchen scraps from plants added to soil to help plants grow.

Instead of putting the waste into the bin, COMPOST IT, this helps create natural fertilizer and keep your garden green and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, which increases methane level ( one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming)

image of a compost soil in a backyard

12. Spend in Eco-friendly technology

You can Eco-Friendly technology as green technology well. If someone wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle, technology has opened its door to a variety of products and techniques to help you stay green.

Therefore, make sure you invest in the right tech or product, which will use less energy and save your money.


13. Replace to Renewables

The most commonly used source for electricity production is Coal. As per the data by the World coal Association, 41% of electricity is generated by coal, which is a fossil fuel, and it releases high levels of pollution harming the environment.

image of solar panel in a field

We must adapt or rely on energy which doesn’t harm the environment,

Installing a solar panel Is one such renewable energy that we use for our home.

14. Switch to Non-toxic Products

Harmful chemicals are found in everything from cleaning products, toiletries to bath and body products. Before you make any choice of buying a new product must look at the ingredients.

Switching to non-toxic products will bring you a lot of immediate benefits, but there are long term health benefits.

Simple DIY solutions can replace many home cleaning products.

15. Fix it, Don’t throw it

Simply throwing away, anything is one of the most irresponsible acts that we perform daily.

Repairing and fixing is more sustainable than throwing away, although it might seem cheaper and easier sometimes.

image of fixing a home product

Today the internet, especially Youtube, allows us to learn anything and gives us access to information and tools as per our need to fix practically anything.

Even if you fail to fix, don’t worry, you can turn it into something else.

16. Avoid Pre-packaged food.

When we go to the grocery store, we pick up anything which appeals to our eyes and taste buds, and we don’t even take the time to read the label and ingredients. These foods are fast and convenient, filled with artificial ingredients containing high sugar, trans fat, additives, etc.

image of plastic packaged food

Also, it creates more packaging and processing waste, increasing more carbon-footprint.


17.Travel Responsibly

“Be the tourist you want to see in your city.”

We all know travelling or moving to a different city is always fun, whether for work or pleasure, but knowingly or unknowingly, we damage the environment.

image of tourists walking at other places

Travelling should always be sustainable means valuing the environment and looking after the natural resources. One must always be aware of the pollution caused and how it affects the local environment, people, and native culture, businesses, and wildlife.

Therefore, we must always spend some time researching our traveling destination, and this will help us be in harmony with the local environment.

18. Use public transportation over personal vehicles. 

Public transportation is not only the best to get to your work or shopping, but it is also much more environmentally friendly than personal vehicles.

The math is simple,

Public transportation = More passengers on single-vehicle = Reduction in Number of single vehicles = less emission of carbon

Using Public transportation also helps individuals lower their Carbon-footprint.

image of a public transport

19. Walk and cycle more.

Studies show that cyclists live two years longer than non-cyclists and take 15 percent fewer days off work through illness while Walking 25 minutes ( brisk ) every day can add up to 7 years to your life.

Biking and cycling rejuvenate the whole body, improve mental health and energy, increase blood flow, release endorphins, and reduce overall stress.

image of person biking and other walking

Apart from maintaining health, it also helps to protect and improve the environment and natural resources.

Overall, Walking and Biking improves Quality of life.

20. Donate Clothes You don’t wear

If you have a lot of clothes and don’t wear them anymore, just revamp your wardrobe and donate it instead of throwing it to the trash as the clothing that sits in a landfill releases toxic greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide when it breaks down.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it costs $45 on average per ton to dispose of waste in a landfill.

image of poor people with no clothes

Donating clothes help people in need like Unprivileged people, disaster victims, children in need of clothing

This simple act will make you feel good as you are doing something worthy cause.


21. Help Environmental Non-profits

Environment Non-profit organizations are one of the most underfunded non – profits.

image of a women planting a sapling and other are standing

They tackle the most critical environmental issues. They are dedicated to protecting, researching, and affecting change when it comes to planet earth and its inhabitants.

We must support Environmental NGOs Who are making their all possible effort to solve the environmental issues.

22.Advocate for change

Because of humans, our planet is in its worst condition, and it is our job to make her healthier again. It is better to start by leading a sustainable lifestyle and promoting sustainability in our personal and professional networks, making a real difference.

Just join a local climate action group, environmental forums, connect with like-minded people, etc. and make our planet a better place to live.

image of a poster written there is no planet B


You Can also download this Ultimate Guide For FREE!


if you enjoyed this blog and found value, please share it with your community. It will motivate us to create more such informative blogs. Also if you have any other tips which helped you live more sustainable , please do share with us in the comments below.



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