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Wooden Sunglasses for Sale⠀

The wooden sunglasses are the fashion accessory worn to obtain a stunning look. It suits great for both men and women! The wood itself has beautiful textures, colors, and patterns, which allows us to create a visually appealing design while crafting wooden sunglasses. Thereby it gives you a charming and authentic look. It’s almost like magic.⠀

The sunglasses made up of wood are very lightweight and providing you a superior comfort than the use of other materials. It allows you to wear a long day without any discomfort on the nose bridge or around the ears.⠀

MyGreenMum sells sunglasses from the leading brands that are made from 100% natural wood. Due to this, the durability of wood, quality, and appearance of the wooden sunglasses can easily last for the years.⠀

Do you know? Wearing wooden products can help you to feel happier, calmer, and more relaxed psychologically.⠀

Choosing wooden sunglasses will help to grow the eco-friendly industry as well as save yourself from the materials that harm. You will be a part of raising awareness for changing towards a more sustainable future without compromising the planet for the next generations to come.

At MyGreenMum, we provide a wide range of high-quality wooden sunglasses for you to enjoy. Buy Now!⠀

Bamboo Sunglasses for Sale

When accessorizing your look, a pair of bamboo sunglasses to complement your style is a must! If your sunglass matches the outfit and other accessories you wear, sure it will turn everyone heads towards wherever you go!

At MyGreenMum, you can find bamboo sunglasses in a variety of styles from round to aviators to wayfarers and more. We sell the products that are unique, handmade with premium wood, and the artisan engraved. The sunglasses made up of bamboo will have higher compressive strength than the wood. The durability and quality of the bamboo sunglasses make them an ideal choice for all stylish accessories lovers.

Due to its natural color and texture, the bamboo sunglasses are gaining tractions among the users. Bamboo sunglasses are more sustainable and eco-friendly. When considering the eco-friendly products, bamboo is the most fastest-growing plants on earth with no fertilizer. And also, it can regenerate from its own roots, so it doesn’t require to be replanted again.⠀

If you choose bamboo sunglasses over plastic or other material sunglasses, your bit protecting the environment and nature from the harmful elements like plastic. Bamboo sunglasses are not only eco-friendly but also it has their own natural properties and patterns that make them incredibly stylish and attractive. It also provides 100% protection against harmful radiation. So by choosing the bamboo sunglasses, you not only contributing to the safer earth but also maintaining the fantastic look and style! The key to creating a stunning look is not afraid to make a statement!

Explore our unique, natural, and fashionable collection of Bamboo sunglasses here, Buy Now!⠀

Polarized Wooden Sunglasses for Sale⠀

Water, snow, while driving or on a beach, our premium build quality wooden sunglasses with polarized lenses will help you to see things better!

Light will scatter in all the directions, which creates an annoying effect, and sometimes more intensity of reflected light will lead to blur and reduced vision or visibility. Nobody likes to suffer in severe damage from UV rays while enjoying outdoor. Are you worried about UV rays will damage your eyes? To help you out, MyGreenMum sells the wooden sunglass with a polarized lens that will eliminate the blur vision and create an endless view. Our polarized lenses are specially designed to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection against the intense lighting conditions.

Without polarized protection, depth perception is reduced, distorted view and color perception occur, and in some cases, you could face temporary blindness. A polarized lens is useful for many outdoor activities such as while driving in the hot sun, at water sports, extreme sports, and fishing. The light reflected from the surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and especially water or side mirrors can cause problematic glare view, and they may even lead to vehicular accidents. Therefore, the benefit of wearing polarized sunglass is, it creates an endless view and can save your vision as well as your lives!

Choose the right sunglass that provides optimal protection against the sun, wind, and other invisible dust participles. If you’re seeking for the right one, then choose the polarized wooden sunglasses that provide the highest protection with super comfort are guaranteed.

UV 400 Protection:

MyGreenMum sells the sunglasses that have UV 400 protected lenses. It blocks 99 to 100% of UV light. The products labeled with UV 400 will block the wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, including both UVA and UVB rays.

What is UV 400, you can ask? It’s Ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation from the sun, which we can’t see, but it penetrates through the earth’s atmosphere and reaches your eyes in the form of UVA and UVB waves. These harmful rays will create nasty damage to your eyes.

If you brought the sunglasses without UV400 label, then save them for taking selfies if they are not filtering out the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB waves.

Invest in the wooden sunglasses that offer both 100% UV protection and polarized lenses. MyGreenMum sells sunglasses with built-in UV protection on the lens. So it doesn’t fade or disappear over time. Experiment with different frame colors, shapes, and even different wooden materials sunglasses are made of! Pick your own sunglass and reinvent your style with new frames and lens colors. Buy from our latest wooden sunglasses Collection.

Enjoying the road trips is an excellent way to kick back for some weekend chilling, gear up with UV400 sunglasses, and then hit the road with a clear vision and protection. Whatever the adventure or action you have in mind, a pair of sturdy wooden sunglasses will hold up.

Need help? While selecting the wooden sunglass that matches your style, then you’re not alone! We are happy to assist you in finding the eco-friendly sunglasses style you like, so don’t hesitate to connect with us here at the contact us page.

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