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At MyGreenMum, Explore our wide range of Eco-friendly wooden cups online for the best handcrafted unique design. The wooden cups are non-toxic, natural and FDA approved that are made from 100% natural wood. Wooden cups are the best alternative to the toxic coated plastic cups. The plastic cups are cheaper than the wooden cups, but the use and throw approach of the plastic cups has a huge impact on our environment. 90% of plastic products are being dumped into landfills, and only 10 % is being reused. Shockingly, it put our lives into risk. Unlike plastic, the wooden products will not end up in landfills because they are biodegradable.   Wooden cups are highly durable due to their phenomenal strength. If you’re looking for a lightweight, Eco-friendly, and long-lasting drinking cup, wooden cups are a great choice. For long-lasting use, simply wash the wooden cups with the warm water and allow them to fully dry, then wipe water residues with the cloth on the inner base of the wooden cups. Store them in the dry place.   Our wooden teacup, coffee mug, and handmade glass cup with wooden caps will be perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the nordic style!  

Eco-friendly Tea and Coffee Mugs for Sale

MyGreenMum is expertise in selling high quality Eco-friendly wooden coffee and tea mugs. These wooden mugs are made from 100% natural wood, which we buy from our most trusted and reliable vendors. Our wooden mug collection is popular for their aesthetic look and eye-catching design. Natural wooden crafted mugs are perfect for having your morning Tea/Coffee/Juice or the occasional beer. It is recommended to soak the mug in the warm water for 10-15 minutes before using it for the first time. Start your day with these beautifully crafted wooden mugs. Our drinking mugs come in three different pieces, the wooden coffee mug, travel mug, and drinking cups that are perfect for sipping hot beverages out of. Wooden mugs are smoother to use and look good on the shelf too.  

Eco-friendly Bamboo Mugs for Sale

Our Eco-friendly bamboo cups come in unconventional design and in bright colors that are reusable, natural, and made from organic bamboo fiber. The Bamboo cups are surprisingly lightweight, strong and durable. Unlike ceramic or glass cups, bamboo cups wont shatter when it is thrown or dropped by the kids on the floor, because bamboo has a high compressive strength that are stronger than the wood and bricks. The bamboo cups are not only toxic-free; they are also kids free. The anti-bacterial agent “Bamboo Kun” in the bamboo fiber act as a rich antimicrobial bio-agent. It prevents all kinds of infection-causing bacteria and microbial contamination in bamboo products. But this is not offered by the plastic products. Plastic contains harmful BPA chemicals on the surface. The safety and incredible lifespan of bamboo makes it a best alternative to the plastic products. Almost bamboo is used to make all household products, Cutlery and kitchenware like Bamboo spoons, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo mugs, bamboo racks and more.  

Handcrafted Bamboo Drinking Cup

Our handcrafted bamboo drinking cups are perfect for your toddler transitioning from a sipper to a ‘big person’ cup. All our bamboo cups are polished and finely crafted to ensure the lower risk of breakage and it doesn’t have a sharp edges. Most of the plastic cups contains BPA and Phthalates which is not good for your toddlers and everyone in the family. Our drinking cups are made of 100% natural bamboo, making them toxin-free and natural food-grade. The reusable serving cups are perfect for your home, for a great outdoors like picnics, birthdays parties, camping, backyards fun, barbeques,or lounging by the pool. It is easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly, shatterproof and made up of high-quality and durable material.   Our bamboo drinking cups are handcrafted with little fingers in minds but beautifully designed for eyes of adults. Concerned about the plastic chemicals in the drinking cup? Don’t be. All of our Bamboo drinking cups are non-toxic, phthalate, and BPA free, which will not cause any health hazard or skin irritation to your kids or family. Bamboo cups can be used to serve both hot and cold beverages. Ideal for hot tea, coffee, juice, water, milk & more. Bamboo cups are renewable and sustainable. Using reusable bamboo cups for kids and family makes mealtime just a little less stressful. A simpler dishwasher is enough to clean the lightweight and versatile drinking cup. Explore our wide range of classic and gorgeous bamboo drinking cups collection with vibrant colors that the whole family is sure to love.

Double Walled Cup with Bamboo Coasters 

Our handmade Glassware Insulated Cup offers you a fabulous look when you fill this mug with a loose leaf tea, creamy latter or ice tea, the glass gives you a dramatic optical effect to the liquid. These glasses are perfect for weekend getaways and for romantic evenings. The double-walled glass cups look unique and stronger than the single-layer glass. The cup with a bamboo coaster gives you a rustic look and feel. The sleek coaster is safe to use and will protect from unwanted liquid spillage.   The design of double-layer glass reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup if you pour boiling water or hot tea inside the cup, the double layer glass remains cool outside so it won’t burn your fingers. But the single-layered cup will burn your fingers if the temperature is too high! Our handmade Glassware Insulated Cup will keep the cold drinks cool and hot drinks hot, while the evenly tempered glass feels comfortable in your hand. These cups are made from high-quality borosilicate glasses. The borosilicate glass material is more sturdy than those of ordinary glass cups. These cups will not crack easily or hang water as a single layer glass. Double-walled glass is known for food-grade standards, and it can hold hot tea or coffee, water, fruit acid, carbonic acid, and other beverages, anti-acid corrosion. It is suitable for drinking tea: black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, flower tea, fruit tea, scented tea, etc.; the soup color is panoramic.
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