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MyGreenMum eco-friendly cookware products are more natural and comfortable for home chefs. Our collection of wooden cooking utensils set includes wooden spoons, cutting boards, toast tongs, and much more. It will be perfect for every kitchen needs. All our wooden cookware tools are made from sturdy natural woods that stand out in your kitchen. Enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the wood!

Buy Wooden Cooking Utensils Set Online

Since ancient times, the wooden cooking utensils are being popular for their durability and fabulous look. The wooden kitchen tools have numerous advantages when compared to stainless steel and plastic. The wooden utensils are non-reactive and won’t leach out the harmful chemicals into your food. Unlike metal spoons, the wooden cooking utensils won’t react to the acid in the food. The wood is non-conducting material, so you can immerse in a scalding hot substance. Even though you leave the wooden spoon in a hot pan for a longer period of time, it remains cool. But metal or plastic spoon will melt and become a significant ingredient in the food and leaves a bad taste. Our wooden cooking utensils will eradicate this problem completely, and save from the potential health hazards. Discover our wide range of wooden cooking utensils collection such as spatulas, spoons, streamer rack, toast tangs, and more. Our handmade wooden products are a viable replacement for harmful plastic and stainless steel.

Wooden Toast Tongs

For Toast lovers, Our Wooden toast tongs will help you to retrieve the hot toast from the toaster. These simple wooden tongs will pull the bread straight out of the toaster, so you don’t have to burn your fingers! The wooden toast tongs are beautifully crafted from a single piece of wood, so no glue is required. Wooden tongs are strong and resilient. These tongs are designed to handle both thinner toast and thicker bagels, so they great for muffins, bread and crumpets. Clean it with a bar of mild soap and water, then gently coat with butcher oil to keep your tong strong and resilient.

Bamboo Steamer Rack

Our bamboo steamer rack is perfect for steaming the vegetables and for cooling the baked food. These racks will fit perfectly inside the stock pots, pressure cookers, or pans and lift your food from the heat source to give a smoky flavor without burning them. Racks are used to prevent scorching, which is difficult to avoid when you put food directly into the bottom of the pressure cooker. This rack is made up of bamboo wood so it can handle a high temperature of heat, allowing you to cook your food where your veggies will tender and giving you a bursting flavor. The pressure cooker and high temperature of heat will fade or discolor the racks made up of aluminum, but the wooden racks will remain the same for the years. The Eco-friendly bamboo steamer racks are non-toxic, with no smell and healthy to use. Beside streaming delicious food, you can use this rack for cooling the food. These versatile racks are stored in a compact space and add a vintage look to your kitchen.

Wooden Cutting Boards

MyGreenMum has the best collection of wooden cutting boards online. Do you know wooden cutting boards are being the choice of professionals? It provides a stable base for chopping the meat, fruits, and vegetables. The wooden boards are ideal for using the knives, and it won’t affect the sharpness of the knife and also reduce the knife marks on the surface. So you no need to sharpen your knives very often. The channel around the wooden cutting board edges will prevent the liquids from dripping all over the corners. The elegant texture of wooden boards makes it perfect to use as a serving platter. You can use this multi-functional wooden board for chopping tomatoes and as a serving platter to serve appetizers like snacks, sandwich, and crackers. The wooden boards are highly durable than the plastic boards. If you have used plastic boards, you will definitely know whenever you cut the vegetables or fruits on the board, the small amount of plastic will get removed every time you cut something on the board. MyGreenMum has high-quality, durable cutting boards that withstand your daily use.

Wooden Teaspoon

The wooden teaspoon with rounded handles is soft and very gentle to use, whereas the hard edges in the metal spoon can damage your hands and delicate ingredients in the pan. The wooden teaspoons are suitable for both sticky and non-stick pans. These spoons are harder in construction, so you can use them for scraping the food particles from the sticky pans. Whereas the non-stick pans have a higher possibility of getting scratched, using a wooden teaspoon will preserve the life of cookware, and it helps to retain the coating of the pan. Metal and plastic utensils are notorious for the cookware made up of ceramic. The wooden utensils will eliminate the possibility of coatings being scraped from your pots, bowls, and pan.

Buy Non-Sticky wooden cookware online

Our non-sticky silicon gadgets with a wooden handle are ideal for mixing and flipping of batters. The best quality of silicone will protect your pan from scratches, and the strong wooden handles will provide a comfortable grip. Where the plastic or steel kitchen utensil will bend, melt or rust over time. All of our silicone heads are heat resistant up to 240°C, and it prevents from melting when exposed to heat. The grey color silicone heads and natural wooden handles will enhance your kitchen look. The larger hanging holes in the handles will help you to keep your cookware set organized. Enjoy the cooking with our 11-piece of non-stick silicone cooking gadget sets We all love to hang our cooking utensils in the kitchen. Our wide range of Eco-friendly wooden cooking utensils will add a fine touch to your kitchen. Hanging the wooden cookware in the cooking area hooks will give you a rich cultural look. The appearance of wooden utensils is far superior to those made from plastic. Buy Now at MyGreenMum!
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