Hey! It's Sandeep here

I'm the founder of Mygreenmum.

And I'm also a firm believer that the world doesn't need more products; it needs better solutions to existing problems.  So at Mygreenmum, Our goal is two-fold: to provide a perfect replacement for plastic bottles and change the bamboo perception from poor man's timber to wise man's timber. 

Fun fact: Bamboo is the planet's largest grass.

Problem: Plastic Bottles Damage health like liver cancer, reduce sperm count, etc

Solution: Our Bamboo Stainless Steel bottles are 100% eco-friendly and are made from all BPA free materials, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your water or hot tea brews.

Problem: 90% of the bottles look the same

Solution: Our Stylish Personalized bamboo steel water bottle is not only Stylish and easy to carry but also can be personalized with any name and message of your choice.

Problem: 95% of our office thinks drinking water is boring.

Solution: Our Bamboo steel bottles come with original stainless steel infusers and can be used in 2 ways. The first is the complete infuser which is idle for coffee, loose leaf tea, and tea bag Infusions, and another one is the top infuser part alone which is best for fruit infusions Top.

Problem: By 2025, there is going to be more plastic in the sea than fish

Solution: The official data says over 1.3 billion plastic bottles are produced, and 60 million bottles are thrown every day. Our reusable bamboo steel bottles are a perfect replacement for these plastic bottles.

Problem: Almost every other bottle is single-walled and doesn't retain temperature

Solution: Our stylish bottles are double walled in which the outer wall is made from premium-looking bamboo wood, and the inner wall is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that ensures your beverages will remain hot or cold for a long time.

Finally, I request you to be part of the solution than the problem,